Heart-Healthy Breads & Tortillas

Heart Health Recommends

The list below contains some of our Recommended products and brands.  Each stands out as being a heart-healthy option in its class… although some are best reserved as an occasional snack rather than a regular meal.

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  • Dave’s Killer Bread
    Bread is almost always high in sodium, and is often high in fats. The folks at Dave’s Killer Bread have created a line of bread and baked goods that are lower in sodium and fat, packed with healthy whole grains, and surprisingly tasty! In addition to half a dozen types of bread – including whole… Continue reading Dave’s Killer Bread
  • Golden Home Ultra Thin Pizza Crust
    Golden Home ultra thin pizza crusts are a great start at building a heart-healthy pizza… perfect when paired with Silver Palate San Marzano Low Sodium Pizza Sauce! One-third of a crust has just 0.5 g of saturated fat, and 80 mg of sodium. Golden home also offers whole-wheat crusts. See more Recommended Heart-Healthy products! Where… Continue reading Golden Home Ultra Thin Pizza Crust
  • King’s Hawaiian Bread
    Shopping for heart-healthy foods – and especially low-sodium foods – is often frustrating. Selection is very limited, and some of the available products are frankly not very palatable. This is especially true of bread, which is almost always high in sodium, and is often high in fats. King’s Hawaiian Breads are a rare exception. They… Continue reading King’s Hawaiian Bread
  • La Banderita Low Sodium Tortillas
    It’s not clear why, but low sodium tortillas are hard to find. Fortunately, La Banderita tortillas are widely available and tasty. Each tortilla has 1.5 g of saturated fat, and just 85 mg of sodium. See more Recommended Heart-Healthy products! Where to Buy La Banderita products are available at many supermarkets, and at Amazon.com.
  • Mr. Tortilla
    Mr. Tortilla advertises their products as being keto-friendly, but they are also very low sodium. Each of these small, 6-inch tortillas has just 40 mg. And with 0 grams of saturated fat, and no cholesterol, these tortillas are truly heart-healthy. They come in several flavors: multigrain, pico de gallo, 3 chiles, and savory spinach. We’ve… Continue reading Mr. Tortilla