Olive Garden ★★

Olive Garden destroys the idea of healthy Mediterranean food by loading it with saturated fat, carbohydrates, and salt. While their menu is far from the worst we have seen, there are few entrees that could genuinely be called healthy.

If you’re looking for a healthier option for Italian food, try Carrabba’s Italian Grill.

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What to Order

The best entrees on the Olive Garden menu are their herb-grilled salmon and their shrimp scampi.

On the dessert menu, opt for the Dolcini – Strawberry & White Chocolate.

Please bear in mind that these are not healthy choices. We recommend avoiding meals with a Heart Health SCORE below 75. But if you must eat at Olive Garden, these are your best bets.

 SCORECaloriesFatSaturated FatTrans FatCholesterolSodiumCarbohydratesFiberSugarProtein
Herb-Grilled Salmon564602980120111085345
Herb-Grilled Salmon Coho (Regional)68350156012077084350
Shrimp Scampi625102070.5165960544529
Dolcini - Strawberry & White Chocolate83190116030100230181
Daily Values~78 g20 g~300 mg2300 mg275 g28 g~50 g

Our Heart Health SCORE algorithm identifies healthier choices with higher scores.

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What to Avoid

The restaurant’s signature breadsticks are a health disaster. A single breadstick with garlic topping contains a wopping 460mg of sodium.

Even the salad at Olive Garden is not a safe bet. A plain salad without dressing has 250mg of sodium. With Italian dressing, it has 770mg!

Olive Garden Shrimp Scampi

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