Mrs Dash Spices & Marinades

Mrs Dash is a venerable brand… they’ve been around since 1983, and they are a great option for anyone trying to reduce their sodium. They produce a full line of salt-free products, including seasoning, spice mixtures and marinade.

The brand seems to have a bit of a stodgy reputation, but they actually produce a wide range of spice blends that are easily as tasty as anything you’d find on the shelves of a kitchen specialty store – but without the salt!

Their products include:

A wide variety of spice mixes, including Steak Seasoning Blend, Garlic & Herb, Lemon Pepper, Italian Medley, Fiesta Lime, and Caribbean Citrus.

Seasoning packets for cooking, including Chili Seasoning Mix, Meatloaf Seasoning Mix, and Taco Seasoning Mix.

Marinades, including Lime Garlic Marinade, Garlic Herb Marinade, and Sweet Teriyaki Marinade.

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Where to Buy

The more common Mrs. Dash products are available at most supermarkets, as well as Instacart. You can also find a wide range of Mrs Dash products, including the seasoning packets and marinades, at

If you have trouble finding a specific product, the company provides a “Where to Buy” application on their website:

Mrs Dash spices

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