Heart Health Score: 78/100

Grade: A


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The data below represents meals available for the week of 7/4/21. Each line shows the Heart Health Score for a specific meal.

The average Heart Health Score and nutrient values for the ten healthiest meals are shown in the last row of the table.

MealsSCORECaloriesFatSaturated FatTrans FatCholestrolSodiumCarbohydratesDietary FiberSugarAdded SugarProtein
Lemongrass turkey and rice noodle lettuce cups with coconut curry436403911~7013604878027
Shrimp diablo tacos with bell peppers and queso fresco49780399~18513107697035
Mojo pork tacos with pickled onions and salsa verde51740338~85133070912041
Rainbow quinoa–black bean tacos with guacamole and cabbage slaw58700245~01350106178023
Italian sausage and vegetable skillet with spicy green harissa63450128~5580020511019
Barramundi with New Mexican chile sauce over warm corn and avocado salad65700478~65670431214433
Sweet potato poutine with beef and green bean gravy68530269~9543041912032
Lentil, mushroom, and apricot burgers with arugula salad69620233.5~01040832416325
Tex-Mex vegetable fajitas with cheesy refried beans and achiote crema71530102.5~151030871713023
Chipotle turkey chili with sumac-cucumber salad74470254.5~7569039816026
Seared steaks with roasted red pepper ajvar and cauliflower74430294.5~706801356030
Pumpkin seed–crusted sole with warm carrot salad76410314.5~555901857022
Herbed chicken thighs with “cheesy” broccoli and tomato-pesto relish78470315~954602669027
Southeast Asian shrimp and rice bowls with edamame slaw79600222.5~15567073613629
Burmese chickpea-tomato soup with lemongrass82490304.5~5300471313015
Albacore tuna poached with lemon and rosemary over white bean salad86320131~305502183028
Vegetable biryani with tofu, basmati rice, and ginger chutney91590192~017074126029
AVERAGE: Healthiest 10 Meals78486224~5856945910125


The website identifies gluten-free choices, vegetarian choices, and meals with specific allergens.

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