Heart Health Score: 78/100

Grade: A


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The data below represents meals available for the week of 7/9/21. Each line shows the Heart Health Score for a specific meal.

The average Heart Health Score and nutrient values for the ten healthiest “Veggie Bowls” are shown in the last row of the table.

MealsSCORECaloriesFatSaturated FatTrans FatCholestrolSodiumCarbohydratesDietary FiberSugarAdded SugarProtein
Coconut Chickpea Curry644502070087053139~11
Jerk Lentil & Plantain Bowl644501470086069130~13
Yellow Dal Curry645001780072072186~17
Creamy Pesto Cavatappi655502370079066711~20
Red Curry Rice Noodles664501970078057711~10
Green Curry Noodles69430155008705859~13
Pepper, Feta, & Olive Ragout70420214.5015870491016~14
Mushroom & Truffle Risotto704801750207906865~12
Spinach Saag & Tofu70390206006703775~12
Spicy Dan Dan Noodles735502630089058413~22
Peanut Tofu Bowl735202160054061716~27
Tuscan Pesto Bowl74530193.500790781913~24
Butternut Squash Risotto74560183.500780951019~12
Butternut Squash & Sage Pasta745402630083069911~13
Miso Tempeh Bowl75560202.500880771123~22
Tangy Thai Stir Fry75500222.50086059613~18
Beef Bourguignon7745017299820601112~13
Harissa Jackfruit Bowl7751025300700591712~17
Brussels & Squash Harvest Bowl7850023300690651116~13
Spicy Sichuan Soba78400111.50086060812~16
Chipotle Mango Burrito Bowl7853017300660831213~13
Jackfruit Chili7931081008403118~10
Ginger Sesame Noodles804601520071064613~16
Cauliflower Cavatappi 'Alfredo'805501920570080923~18
Moroccan Vegetable Tagine80440121.50073070912~13
AVERAGE: Healthiest 10 Meals7846517211757601013~15


Mosiac does not provide Added Sugar values for its meals.

All meals are vegetarian; many are vegan.

The menu identifies meals that contain certain allergens.

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