Annie’s Reduced Sodium Macaroni and Cheese

Sometimes we just crave comfort food. And for those of us that grew up in the Uniter States, packaged macaroni and cheese brings back great childhood memories!

Sadly, most packaged mac & cheese is loaded with sodium… but there is one brand that is paying attention to our health needs. Annie’s makes a reduced sodium* package that has 400 mg of sodium per serving. A little high, but not a deal-breaker as an occasional treat. It’s also made with organic pasta.

I keep a few boxes in my pantry. It’s one of my go-to choices (along with some steamed vegetables) for a quick meal, or on a cold day when I need some comfort food.

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  • Just as a reminder, reduced sodium doesn’t always mean low sodium. It just means 25% less than their regular product. Learn more about package labels in our article, “What Does Low Sodium Mean?

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